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Toronto, Canada, Oct 11-14, 2020


Call for Special Sessions

Please download Special Session Form and submit your proposal using the link below via PaperCept Conference Management System.
Please note when proposed special sessions cannot collect minimum number of accepted papers, the accepted papers may be moved to other sessions.

Please click here to download the form

Please click here to submit the form

For more information about Special Sessions, please contact Special Sessions Chairs:

Robert Kozma 
Hideyuki Takagi
Enrique Viedma

List of Accepted Special Sessions

Special Sessions: Cybernetics

Adaptive Swarm Intelligence AlgorithmsHarrison, Kyle Robert; Ombuki-Berman, Beatrice M.; Engelbrecht, Andriesw1s1a
Advanced Computational Intelligence and Knowledge ExtractionHayashida, Tomohiro; Hara, Akira; Tamura, Keiichia7f59
Artificial Intelligence for Security of IoT-Enabled Critical InfrastructuresKarimipour, Hadis7e68r
Big Data Science and Computational IntelligencePei, Yan; Li, Jianqiang; Liu, Bokqrsj
Computational and Medical CyberneticsRudas, Imre; Kovacs, Levente; Eigner, György67att
Computational Collective IntelligenceNguyen, Ngoc Thanh; Hwang, Dosam; Maleszka, Marcinbsx45
Current Trend of Machine Learning in Computer VisionPrasad, Mukesh; Sridhar, Rajeswari; Jain, Deepak Kumar; Kumar, Dhiraj; Tao, Xian; Mery, Domingo9489t
Cyber Modern Technology on Medicine, Health Care and Human AssistKobashi, Syoji; Takagi, Noboru; Tanno, Koichi; Kiguchi, Kazuo13e19
Cyber-Physical InformaticsMordecai, Yaniv2xpy6
Data Analytics and Computation Intelligence for the Internet of EverythingPrasad, Mukesh; Sheng, Michael; Yao, Lina; Xin, Qin; Bhuyan, Monowar H; Ghoraani, Behnazgyxm8
Design of Machine Learning Models for Fresh Produce Price Predictions and Comparison with Other ApproachesKarray, Fakhreddine; Ponnambalam, Kumaraswamy2un34
Fault-Tolerant and Attack-Resilient Cyber-Physical SystemsRazavi-Far, Roozbeh; Gaber, Hossam; Fink, Olga; Saif, Mehrdadvteu8
Granular ComputingTsumoto, Shusaku; Tsai, Chun-Wei; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Wang, Shyue-Liang72gg8
Hybrid RealityFiorini, Rodolfo; Kinsner, Witold; Jacobs, Garry222gi
Intelligent Data Analytic Techniques and Applications on FinanceChen, Chun-Hao; Wu, Mu-En; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Ho, Jan-Ming7y28u
Intelligent Industrial Environments and Cyber-Physical Industrial SystemsStrasser, Thomas; Vrba, Pavel; Farid, Amrotvvx7
Intelligent Internet SystemsTan, Tan-Hsu; Huang, Yung-Fa; Chen, Shyi-Ming; Chen, Rung-Ching8q31m
Machine learning for Intelligent Imaging SystemsTang, Jinshan; Agaian, Sos2k8mh
Quantum Cybernetics and Machine LearningDong, Daoyi; Daskin, Ammar; Xue, Shibei573i1
Sparse Data Analysis, Representation Learning and Multi-Agent SystemJin, Long; Hu, Pengwei; Hu, Lun; Luo, Xin5mxd3

Special Sessions: Human-Machine System

Automation Transparency and Explainability of Artificial IntelligenceRajabiyazdi, Fahimeh; Jamieson, Greg A.; Chignell, Mark H.kx7i8
Collaborative Technologies and ApplicationsShen, Weiming; Barthès, Jean-Paul; Luo, Junzhou; Trappey, Amy; Souza, Jano8j1u2
Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of ThingsFortino, Giancarlo; Shen, Weiming; Liotta, Antonio; Li, Wenfengdb181
Computer Vision Assisted RehabilitationAndrade, Adriano; Lamounier, Edgard; Krishnan, Srin127y
Connected and Autonomous Transportation SystemsHung, Patrick; A. Gabbar, Hossam; Ren, Jing; Huang, Shih-Chia8m5ny
Ethics in AI, Cyber-Physical and IoT SystemsAbel, Marie-Hélène; Herroro, Álvaro; Fortino, Giancarlo; Rocha, Álvaro3v4g3
Evaluating and Modeling of KanseiShoji, Hiroko; Sakamoto, Takashi9n71m
Feature Extraction and Learning on Image and Text DataPrasad, Mukesh; Pratap, Rameshwar; Shah, Rajiv Ratn; Ding, Weiping; Andreu-Perez, Javier; Xu, Guandong2av12
Human Centered Transportation SystemsOkazaki, Tadatsugi; Murai, Koji; Nishizaki, Chihiro3284p
Human Well-Being in the Context of Autonomous and Intelligent SystemsAyesh, Aladdin; Schiff, Danielr5528
Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning and Its ApplicationsZhong, Junpei; Elshaw, Mark; Li, Yanan; Wermter, Stefan; Liu, Xiaofengqfi15
Information Systems for Design and MarketingYada, Katsutoshi; Zuo, Yi; Wang, Hao166yk
Intelligence computing and its applicationsSung, Guo-Mingvqfi1
Intelligent Human-Machine Collaboration for Automated DrivingXING, YANG; Nguyen, Anh-Tu; Du, Haiping; Cao, Dongpu; Lyu, Chenq976f
Interactive and Wearable Computing and DevicesFortino, Giancarlo; Liu, Peter X.v1a29
Mixed Reality, Symbiotic System Science and Digital Twins (MR3SDT)Fiorini, Rodolfo; Kinsner, Witold; Jacobs, Garryh617e
Rehabilitation Intelligence and ApplicationsLiu, Honghai; Kubota, Naoyuki; Chen, Shengyongi7172
Shared Control for Multi-Agent CollaborationSaito, Yuichi; Flad, Michael; Petermeijer, Bastiaan; Itoh, Makoto; Abbink, David; Carlson, Tomg3g97
Trustworthy Technologies for Autonomous Human-Machine SystemsYanushkevich, Svetlanaq6q2g

Special Sessions: Systems Science and Engineering

Conflict ResolutionFang, Liping; Hipel, Keitht767s
Data Security and Privacy Protection for Cloud StorageXiong, Neal; Ren, Jingli1xs98
Distributed Adaptive SystemsZhu, Haibin; Shen, Weiming; Fortino, Giancarlosv9a5
Emerging Technologies in Medical MechatronicsLee, Ming-Yih; Kuo, Chung-Hsien; Liu, Yi-Hung; Lin, Wen-Yenmi685
Evolutionary and Neural Network Approaches for CybersecurityPrasad, Mukesh; Shankaran, Rajan; Jan, Tony; Srivastava, Gautam; Puthal, Deepak; Ralescu, Ancaq8k4d
Human Machine Interfaces and HapticsNahavandi, Saeid; Tunstel, Edward; Roberts, Rodney; Liu, Honghaiyn651
Information and Communication Technology Solutions for Smart GridLai, Chun Sing; Lai, Loi Lei; Jia, Youweiu9xv9
Intelligent Learning in Control SystemsTsai, Ching-Chih9yw21
Logistics Informatics and Industrial Security SystemsZhang, Runtong; zhang, juliang; Hua, Guowei84xh1
Multicriteria Decision Making Models: Design Issues and Applications with FITradeoff MethodDaher, Suzana; Silva, Maisanh79q
Proactive Healthcare Systems Huang, Yo-Ping; Prasad, Mukesh; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Cao, Jian; Lobo, Francisco v6587
Robotics and Intelligent SensingNahavandi, Saeid; Tunstel, Edward; Roberts, Rodney; Stoica, Adrian7v14k
Industrial 4.0Xu, Lida; Zhang, Wenjun; Yu, Minge7a7i
S-M-C for Advanced Nuclear IndustryA. Gabbar, Hossamyjs76
Testing and Training Platform for Connected and Autonomous TransportationHung, Patrick; Ren, Jing; A. Gabbar, Hossam6hsw6
The Future of Systems EngineeringStoica, Adrian; Rudas, Imre; Tunstel, Eddie; Nemeth, Christopher82fup
Systems and Process Intelligence: Emerging Applications and InnovationsOkoye, Kingsley; Hosseini, Samira; Mendez, Genaro Rebolledo; Abbas, Asad; Arrona-Palacios, Arturo; Pena Gonzalez, Isela Stefany; Moreno, Alberto; de los Santos, Jose Escamilla5niad








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