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Toronto, Canada, Oct 11-14, 2020


Instructions to Access On-Demand Sessions

On-Demand Sessions

SMC2020 BMI Workshop Booklet

Plenary Sessions Schedule Code Attendee Links
Opening Ceremony MoOC Link
Keynote 1: Lawrence O. Hall  MoPL Link
Panel 1: Joint INCOSE/SMCS Panel on The Future of Systems Engineering MoLu_Br Link
Keynote 2: Nadia Magnenat Thalmann TuKN Link
IEEE SMC 2020 Women in Engineering and Young Professionals     TuLu_Br Link
SMC Best Conference Paper TuAT16 Link
SMC Best Conference Student Paper  TuBT16     Link
SMC Standards Committee Meeting     TuBT17 Link
Awards Ceremony    TuAwS Link
Keynote 3: Grady Booch     WeKN Link
Panel 2: IEEE SMC Society Founders’ Forum WeLu_FF Link
BMI Workshop Schedule Code Attendee Links
BMI Industry Keynote WeLu_Br Link
BMI Workshop: New Trends in Neural Interfacing – I MoAT2 Link
BMI Workshop: Brain-Machine Interfaces for the Assessment of Consciousness MoBT2 Link
BMI Workshop: Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems MoCT2 Link
BMI Workshop: New Trends in Neural Interfacing – II TuAT1 Link
BMI Workshop: BCIs for robotics and movement sciences TuBT1 Link
BMI Workshop: Recent advances in motor imagery BCIs TuCT1 Link
BMI Workshop: Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Brain-Machine Interfacing WeAT1 Link
BMI Workshop: Mobile Brain/Body Imaging and BMI WeBT1 Link
BMI Workshop: Passive BCI for Operational Environments WeCT1 Link
Tutorials, Workshops, and Technical Sessions Schedule CodeAttendee Links
Tutorial: Group Role Assignment with ConstraintsSuAT2Link
Tutorial: Human Motion Sensing and Understanding: Theory and ApplicationsSuAT3Link
Tutorial: Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Information Fusion System Design and EvaluationSuAT4Link
Workshop: Modeling and Analysis of Fuzzy Systems in The Frequency DomainSuBT2Link
Workshop: Security, and Privacy in Human Cybernetics, Smart Cities and IoT (SPHCSI-2020)SuBT3Link
Workshop: Symbiotic Driving and Cross-Disciplinary Shared ControlSuBT4Link
Workshop: Systems BiologySuBT5Link
Agent-Based ModelingMoAT3Link
Cybernetics for InformaticsMoAT4Link
Expert and Knowledge-based Systems 1MoAT5Link
Machine Learning 1MoAT6Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 1MoAT7Link
Advanced Computational Intelligence and Knowledge ExtractionMoAT8Link
Affective ComputingMoAT9Link
Augmented CognitionMoAT10Link
Automation Transparency and Explainability of Artificial IntelligenceMoAT11Link
Bio-Robotics SystemsMoAT12Link
Cooperative and distributed systemsMoAT13Link
Distributed SystemsMoAT14Link
Infrastructure systems and servicesMoAT15Link
Intelligent Transportation systems IMoAT16Link
Conflict Resolution and Decision SupportMoAT17Link
Biometric Systems and BioinformaticsMoBT3Link
Evolutionary Computation 1MoBT4Link
Fuzzy Systems and Their ApplicationsMoBT5Link
Machine Learning 2MoBT6Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 2MoBT7Link
Cloud-Edge Collaborative Computing in Green Industrial Internet of Things IMoBT8Link
Assistive Technology: RehabilitationMoBT9Link
Augmented Reality SystemsMoBT10Link
Collaborative Technologies and ApplicationsMoBT11Link
Blockchain technologies and AI in Financial systemsMoBT12Link
Decision Support SystemsMoBT13Link
Enterprise Information SystemsMoBT14Link
Intelligent Assistants and advisory systemsMoBT15Link
Intelligent Transportation systems IIMoBT16Link
Data Security and Machine Learning in Industrial and Medical SystemsMoBT17Link
Computational IntelligenceMoCT3Link
Evolutionary Computation 2MoCT4Link
Heuristic AlgorithmsMoCT5Link
Machine Learning 3MoCT6Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 3MoCT7Link
Cloud-Edge Collaborative Computing in Green Industrial Internet of Things IIMoCT8Link
Assistive Technology: Sensing and ControlMoCT9Link
Brain-based Information CommunicationsMoCT10Link
Ethics in AI, Cyber-Physical and IoT SystemsMoCT11Link
Conflict resolutionMoCT12Link
Distributed Intelligent SystemsMoCT13Link
Industrial SystemsMoCT14Link
Intelligent Robotic SystemsMoCT15Link
Intelligent Transportation systems IIIMoCT16Link
Distributed Adaptive SystemsMoCT17Link
Evolutionary Computation 3TuAT2Link
Image Processing/Pattern Recognition 1TuAT3Link
Hybrid models of NNTuAT4Link
Machine Learning 4TuAT5Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 4TuAT6Link
Computational and Medical CyberneticsTuAT7Link
Human Factors: Driver BehaviourTuAT8Link
Human Performance ModelingTuAT9Link
Human Centered Transportation SystemsTuAT10Link
Intelligent Energy Systems ITuAT11Link
Intelligent Learning in Control Systems ITuAT12Link
Robotic Systems ITuAT13Link
Robotic Systems IVTuAT14Link
Intelligent Learning in Control SystemsTuAT15Link
Industry SessionTuAT17Link
Evolutionary Computation 4TuBT2Link
Image Processing/Pattern Recognition 2TuBT3Link
Industry 4.0TuBT4Link
Machine Learning 5TuBT5Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 5TuBT6Link
Computational Collective IntelligenceTuBT7Link
Human Factors: ErgonomicsTuBT8Link
Human Performance Modeling for DrivingTuBT9Link
Human Machine InterfaceTuBT10Link
Intelligent Energy Systems IITuBT11Link
Intelligent Learning in Control Systems IITuBT12Link
Robotic Systems IITuBT13Link
Smart Urban environments and Intelligent transportation systemsTuBT14Link
Proactive Healthcare SystemsTuBT15Link
Evolutionary Computation 5TuCT2Link
Image Processing/Pattern Recognition 3TuCT3Link
Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent SystemsTuCT4Link
Machine Learning 6TuCT5Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 6TuCT6Link
Cyber Modern Technology on Medicine, Health Care and Human AssistTuCT7Link
Human Performance and Workload EstimationTuCT8Link
Human-Computer InteractionTuCT9Link
Human Well-Being in the Context of Autonomous and Intelligent SystemsTuCT10Link
Logistics Informatics and Industrial SecurityTuCT11Link
Neural Networks and their Applications 7TuCT12Link
Robotic Systems IIITuCT13Link
Space and cyber-physical systemsTuCT14Link
Robotics, Intelligent Sensing, and HapticsTuCT15Link
The Future of Systems Engineering and Information TechnologyTuCT16Link
Swarm Intelligence 1WeAT2Link
Image Processing/Pattern Recognition 4WeAT3Link
Granular ComputingWeAT4Link
Design of Machine Learning Models for Fresh Produce Price Predictions and Comparison with Other Approaches IWeAT5Link
Fault-Tolerant and Attack-Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems IWeAT6Link
Machine learning for Intelligent Imaging Systems IWeAT7Link
Human-Machine Interface: Machine LearningWeAT8Link
Human-Computer Interaction in Military ApplicationsWeAT9Link
Mental ModelsWeAT10Link
User Interface Design for Mixed ModalitiesWeAT11Link
Virtual and Augmented Reality SystemsWeAT12Link
Wearable ComputingWeAT13Link
Intelligence Computing and Its Applications IWeAT14Link
Trustworthy Technologies for Autonomous Human-Machine SystemsWeAT15Link
System approaches in biology and social network systemsWeAT16Link
Junior Track: Human-Machine InterfaceWeAT17Link
Swarm Intelligence 2WeBT2Link
Machine Learning 7WeBT3Link
Machine Vision 1WeBT4Link
Design of Machine Learning Models for Fresh Produce Price Predictions and Comparison with Other Approaches IIWeBT5Link
Fault-Tolerant and Attack-Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems IIWeBT6Link
Machine learning for Intelligent Imaging Systems IIWeBT7Link
Human-Machine Interface: Motor Imagery and BCIWeBT8Link
Human-Machine Cooperation: AssistanceWeBT9Link
Information VisualizationWeBT10Link
Team Performance and Training SystemsWeBT11Link
Web IntelligenceWeBT12Link
Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning and Its ApplicationsWeBT13Link
Intelligence Computing and Its Applications IIWeBT14Link
Rehabilitation Intelligence and ApplicationsWeBT15Link
Intelligent Transportation Systems IVWeBT16Link
Junior Track: Intelligent SystemsWeBT17Link
Machine Learning 8WeCT3Link
Machine Vision 2WeCT4Link
Intelligent Data Analytic Techniques and Applications on FinanceWeCT5Link
Quantum Cybernetics and Machine LearningWeCT6Link
Sparse Data Analysis, Representation Learning and Multi-Agent SystemWeCT7Link
Human-Machine Cooperation: Systems and PlatformsWeCT8Link
Human-Machine Interface: Robot LearningWeCT9Link
Human-Machine Cooperation:Trust and AdaptationWeCT10Link
Kansei EngineeringWeCT11Link
User Interface DesignWeCT12Link
Information Systems for Design and MarketingWeCT13Link
Intelligent Human-Machine Collaboration for Automated DrivingWeCT14Link
Shared Control for Multi-Agent CollaborationWeCT15Link
System of SystemsWeCT16Link
Junior Track: Machine LearningWeCT17Link



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